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The footsteps were closer and closer. You were terrified, but decided to turn around and look at the culprit. It wasn't exactly who you were expecting.

"Arthur?" you questioned innocently.

"Yes, love, it's me. I saw the note on your door."

"B-but why did you follow me here?" you said starting to weep again.

"_________, I knew you needed someone to be here for you for once," he said wrapping you in a hug.

"Thank you, Arthur. This really means a lot to me..."

"Anything for you love."

You just sighed, turned your head, and looked at the graves. Balling up your fists, you put them on Arthur's chest and started to cry again. This was horrible.

"Love, how about some tea at my house? It is pretty cold out here."

"Yeah, that sounds great. Thank you Arthur."

~!@#$%^&*()_+TIME SKIP FROM FINLAND +_()*&^%$#@!~

After tea, you and Arthur decided to take a walk in the park. Francis and Matthew were startled when they woke up to find you in the kitchen. Alfred was probably still at one of his friend's houses. You and Arthur left quickly, Arthur desperate to talk you about what happened.

A short time after you started walking, Arthur grabbed your hand. You smiled just a little and blushed some too.

"_______, you do that every Saturday?"

"Yes, I do. I feel close to my family still that way."

"How did they die?"

"Well… my parents died in a train crash just five years ago. My grandparents died from old age, plus they were very sick. "

Arthur gave your hand a squeeze and looked at you with sympathetic eyes.

"I'm so sorry, love, so sorry."

"It's alright…Hey let's go1" you yelled spotting something and dragging Arthur along.


"The swings!" you said with a laugh.

After a while of sitting on the swings and idle chat, you decided to take Arthur out to lunch. It was a sweet little café where your only girlfriend, Elizaveta worked. She of course greeted you with a hug, sat you both down, and took you orders.

The meal was delicious, a croissant sandwich and tea for him, the soup of the day with tea for you. Right after lunch, Francis called Arthur and told you to meet him and Matthew at the mall. What exactly was he planning? You would soon find out.


Francis decided to meet you in the food court. He had decided to get a tattoo. A rose on his right bicep. You were a little bit, but Arthur was stopped dead in his tracks. He certainly wouldn't have expected this from his almost girlish brother.

After a drive to the shop of a Cuban man, Francis was almost crying when the man started. You were trying to suppress laughter, knowing Francis wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Bloody, frog. I knew this was a bad idea to start with," Arthur said to both you and Matthew.

"I-I did too," Matthew whispered.

"Hey!" you interjected, "I'm going to do something crazy when Francis is done."

"What would that be, love?" Arthur asked curious now.

"You'll see~" you said plotting.


Francis got out of the chair after about two and half hours. He was wobbly, but still with it. The Cuban man smoking a cigar guided you to the front.

"Alright, time to pay!" he demanded kindly.

"Oh how much?" Francis asked, still groggy.

"Wait right there," you said. "I'll pay for his and mine."

All three brothers and the tattoo artist looked at you with disbelief.

"What? I've always wanted one," you said matter-of-factly.

They all were dead silent as the Cuban led you to the chair. You "weren't a scaredy-cat" and could handle pain fairly well. You decided to get a tattoo of (fav band)'s logo. It was to be in the same spot Francis had gotten his permanent mark.

After a few hours, it was finished. You didn't pass out, get woozy, or even yelp like Francis did. If anything, you bit your lip and winced. Arthur was pleased, but still in shock from all the events of the day.

"Well here's what I owe you," you said handing the man your money.

"Yeah, thanks. Come again," he said counting the money and walking away.

"Well," Arthur said, "it's dinner time. Anybody have an idea?"

You all pondered this, when Alfred called Matthew. He was hungry and wanted dinner. What a coincidence. An idea randomly popped into your head.

"Hey guys, want me to cook?"

Again, all of the looked at you shocked. Apparently they didn't know you could cook.  This would be fun.

"You cook?" all of them said at once.

"Yeah, I do. Let's go pick up Alfred and you guys come to dinner at my place."

They all agreed and headed off. Francis and Matthew went to get Alfred while you and Arthur went home to cook. Well, okay. Let's be honest, Arthur wasn't trusted in the kitchen, so he would just watch you and keep conversation going.

~!@#$%^&*()_+ VEEEEEE TIME SKIP +_()*&^%$#@!~

You decided to make your family's secret recipe, Pasties. (AN: Pasties are a calzone like crust with typically rhubarb, potatoes, beef, and carrots inside. They come from mainly the UP of Michigan, Wisconsin, and I think Canada)

It took a while to make them, but it was worth it.

~!@#$%^&*()_+ DINNERY TIME SKIPPING THRU STUFF with Poland and Lithuania +_()*&^%$#@!~

"Mon amour, these are delicious!" Francis commented after eating about two bites.

"Why thank you!"

"Hey _______ where exactly did you say you from?" Alfred asked.

"Oh from a small town in Wisconsin until I moved here."

Arthur just savored the taste of his love's cooking. He loved it so much and could eat it all day. It was ignorant bliss. But that ignorant bliss ended when _______ was waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oh yes, love?"

"You just zoned out is all."

"Well sorry, I won't do it again."

"Okay goo-" you said and fainted.
yay happy thanksgiving!!!!! okay here's the part 3 you all have been desperately awaiting ^^ sorry i was away most of the day so i'm just getting it done. well there has to be something scary in each chapter so there.


you all know who owns what

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: [link]

and thnaks for all the favs in advance!!! its too har dto get to them all =_=
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